How Much Value is There in El Camino Village Compared with the Rest of Gardena

The neighborhood of El Camino Village is somewhat made up. It’s a community name for a pocket of both Lanwdale and Gardena. Unlike some of the other nearby areas of Lawndale and Gardena, it has a more neighborhood feel with mostly one story single family homes on nice tree lined streets. There are only a very limited number of apartment buildings, duplexes, commercial etc. giving it a very upscale feel.

So How Much Of a Difference Does is Make in Gardena?

The numbers paint a pretty compelling picture.  The homes in El Camino Village sell for far more money, hold their values better, are well higher price per foot and sell much quicker.  Oh what a difference a few blocks can make.

El Camino Village (Gardena Section)

  • 8 home sales in 2018
  • The average home price  was $652,875 and median sold price was $668,500
  • Average price per square foot of $447 and median was $425
  • Days on market  average 24 and median of 9 days on market

All of Gardena (excluding EC Village)

  • 389 home sales
  • The average sales price of $524,245 and a median sales price of
  • Average price per foot was $404 and median of $395
  • Average days on market of 31 and median days on market of 14.

Single family homes in Gardena (excluding EC Village)

  • 278 home sales
  • The average sales price of  $564,109 and a median sales price of  $565,500
  • Average price per foot was $433 and median of $429
  • Average days on market was 31 and median days on market of 14.

See the same report for Lawndale compared with the Lawndale section of El Camino Village