The Smaller Costs of The Home Buying Process

There are costs of buying a home that go above and beyond the actual sales price.  In the South Bay and El Camino Village, these are negotiated in the offer and most of the time the seller pays most of them.  There are a few exceptions to this and as mentioned…it’s negotiated.  The bulk of the buyer paid costs are loan related and usually include prepaid items and origination costs. See the current homes for sale in El Camino Village and Bodger Park

What costs are there?

Although most home buyers know they’ll be paying lender related costs, it’s good to have an understanding of some of the smaller fees and costs.  Here is a look at some of the lesser known fees in buying a house that buyers should know about and budget for.  One additional cost that both buyers and sellers generally pay for themselves is the escrow company fee.  These costs are determined by purchase price so contact us for more information on what those costs will be.


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